2017 Conference Highlights

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Keynote Speaker

Brett Hendrie, Executive Director, HotDocs Film Festival

Changes in the Documentary Landscape and the Social Impact of Documentaries

Speakers and Conference Sessions

  • Amy Terrill, Executive Vice President, Music Canada

    Creators in Arts and Media

  • Eric Ortiz, President & CEO Evybit, Santa Monica, California

    Tools for Storytelling in the Classroom

  • Professor Paula Todd, Seneca College with a student panel

    Transitioning from School to Work

  • Wawmeesh Hamilton, Reporter, Discourse Media

  • Professor Anna Rodrigues, Durham College

    Indigenous Perspectives in Media Education

  • Mary Vallis, Life Editor, Toronto Star

  • Martin Waxman, Martin Waxman Communications

    Entrepreneurship Skills in the Media professional’s Toolbox.

  • Paul Kaye, Rogers, National Format Director (CHR) and National Talent Coach




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