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BEAC is committed to making a changes to how the broadcasting industry responds and accepts students of diversity. With a strong mentoring directory, demonstrations of innovative educational tools involving emerging technology, creative workshops, and a comprehensive study, the BEAC can support our broadcast partners in the education and training of all of our future broadcasters.

Diversity Grant

Diversity Research & Internship Grant (Faculty Grant)

Up to $3,000.00/year – distributed based on number of qualified applicants.


All applications for the Diversity Research Internship Grant will be evaluated based on the following guidelines:

  1. Applicants must provide all required material (as outlined in the criteria), which must indicate a commitment to promoting excellence in media education in the area of diversity.
  2. Applicants who have not received a prior Diversity Research Internship Grant from BEAC will receive preference over applicants who have received previous funding.


The Diversity Research Internship Grant supports BEAC members’ exploration of diversity issues in recruitment, education and ongoing employment within the media industry in Canada.  The research internship allows the grant recipient the support to conduct field research within the industry and or enhance media education.


  1. To be eligible for funding, applicants must be BEAC members in good standing at the time of application.  If the applicant ceases to be a BEAC member prior to the start of the research for which funding was approved, funding will be forfeited.The application form can be completed on the BEAC website
  2. Applicants must provide the BEAC with the following:
    1. Completed application from the BEAC website (see links)
    2. A document detailing –
      1. An outline and description of the project
      2. A detailed statement of objectives
      3. Estimated project timelines
      4. Success strategies
      5. Amount requested and guideline of expenditures
  3. Industry Location Contact and Letter of Support
  4. Academic Manager’s Letter of Support
  5. Applications will be reviewed within 6 weeks of receipt.
  6. Applicants will be notified of BEAC’s decision including grant amount
  7. Research report must be completed and submitted within 90 days of completion of the project.
  8. Upon completion of the research internship, the grant recipient will be required to provide the BEAC with the following:
    1. Project Objective & Conclusion
    2. Summary of Activities
    3. Detailed Research Report: Development and Achievements
    4. Provide a complete list of Resources/Contacts
    5. Industry contacts
    6. Photo/Bio/Signed Release Form as the completed material and/or project will be posted on the BEAC website.

The Faculty Professional Development and Internship committee will review the guidelines and procedures for application selection as required.



2011        Stephen Melanson – NSCC Television Production Instructor

Stephen’s project was a video (see below) addressing diversity in the media and the challenges of attracting people from diverse backgrounds to our industry.

2014        Anna Rodrigues – Durham College







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