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Does baking soda help in teeth whitening?

Many people have this doubt- Does baking soda bleach teeth? Does it help in Gum Bleeding? It has been proved that baking soda assists in teeth whitening. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a chemical that is crystalline and white. It looks like a fine powder. Baking soda consists of bicarbonate and sodium ions. It has an alkaline and salty taste. As it is alkaline, it eliminates tooth discoloration that is caused because of smoking, drink, and food consumption. Because of mild abrasiveness, it eliminates plaque accumulated on the surface of teeth. In this blog, let us find out more how baking soda helps in teeth whitening.

All people can’t spend the expensive amount on teeth whitening procedures. One of the most affordable and simple options is utilizing baking soda for teeth whitening. If you are thinking about how to use and how this method works, here are some options. Luckily, several scientific research has been performed on this matter.

How to whiten teeth naturally?

Water and baking soda: A simple and basic method is combining water and baking soda. Take a small bowl or cup, add baking soda of half teaspoon, and few drops of water. Mix them to make a paste. After making a paste, apply on your teeth using your fingers or toothbrush. Leave the mixture for about two minutes in your teeth. Rinse with water.
Toothpaste and baking soda: It is also recommended to add a pinch of baking soda to the toothpaste. If possible, you can buy a toothpaste that consists of baking soda. When buying toothpaste, you have to see the ingredients.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: It is best to combine baking soda with a simple household ingredient like hydrogen peroxide. Both effectively helps in teeth whitening. Combine hydrogen peroxide of a half teaspoon and baking soda of one teaspoon. You should mix until it gets into a consistency that resembles toothpaste. Now, you can utilize the mixture for brushing your teeth. You have to let the mixture remain in your mouth for about one to two minutes before washing with water. Ensure to rinse thoroughly.

Lemon or lime juice and baking soda: Lemon or lime contains citric acid. It is an excellent natural bleaching agent. If you wish to combine with baking soda, you have to mix half spoon of lemon or lime band half spoon of baking soda. After combining the mixture well, use the toothbrush and apply it all over your teeth. The mixture should be in your mouth for one to two minutes. You can do this method once in three months as the citric acid found in lemons and limes has chances to affect your teeth quality.

Baking soda and coconut oil: Another affordable way to avoid dangerous chemicals and naturally whiten teeth is by using baking soda and coconut oil mixture. As coconut oil is an excellent resource of lauric acid, it assists in reducing cholesterol levels and assists with weight loss. It aids in preventing tooth decay.

How to enhance furniture sales?

If you own a furniture store in Ontario, you should take several steps to improve your sales. Some owners focus only on one or two strategies. It may turn successful and in some cases, it may not. It is always recommended to check with several ontario furniture stores or your competitors to enhance your sale. You need to see what products other stores are offering and what business strategy they use. Plan and take action ahead of their marketing strategy. We have shared certain important marketing tips as a full list here. Ensure to check and follow for better business growth.

  • Determine a solid marketing strategy: It is not simple to market furniture. It is challenging that other products since purchasing furniture happens only occasionally and needs investment. Besides the challenge, furniture retailers who wish to improve sales have to think about attracting customers by utilizing a solid marketing strategy.

By sending regular SMS alerts and emails to the consumers you can keep them updated about in-store promotions and sales and maintain brand awareness. If you are a furniture manager or store owner and wish to attract new clients, you have to think about promotional giveaways or host sales. You can advertise it utilizing social media and traditional mailers. If possible, you can team up with realty agents to display products in residences for sale in a community.

  • Determine your products: It is important to be knowledgeable when you are working as a sales associate. It is essential in functioning a furniture store successfully. There are several kinds of materials, designs, colors, and styles within a particular furniture category where customers can select. The employees should understand the features and functions of the products to put customers at ease and educate during the overwhelming shopping experience.
  • If your staff member or you do not memorize the specifications of the furniture you have displayed on your floor, it is hard to answer questions when customers approach you. The sales associate has to be confident about the categories, models, and types of furniture models. They should be aware of the latest furniture design trends and know-how certain furniture features and materials assist in the durability and comfort of the space.
  • Be personable and friendly: Customers prefer to purchase products from the sales associate or manager who is simple to talk and friendly. Personable salespeople educate customers and at the same build trust and rapport during shopping. When a person has friendly manners, the customers would feel relaxed and comfortable when they want to enquire about products or ask questions. This kind of knowledge building and relationship can increase the likelihood and produce one-time sales, where customers would visit for repeat purchases.
  • Concentrate on customer service: It is very important in the furniture business. If you are willing to give a warranty or guarantee for your products, customers will buy confidently. Moreover, they would also refer their friends and relatives to your store. There are several ways to offer customer service. Nowadays, large retailers are offering product maintenance as part of the after-sales service.

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