Know the nutritive value of cannabis!

There are only a few things we need to do to live a healthy life. One of the important things is eating. An average person utilizes food for various purposes like socialization, pleasure, leading a healthy life and for survival. We have to consume nutrients to survive. If you are wondering whether cannabis contains any nutritive value, here is the blog you should check out. Grassly is one of the best marijuana directories you should visit to get complete details about licensed marijuana sellers. Let us find out more about the nutritive value of cannabis and how it can be used in your kitchen.

Marijuana has been banned for usage for centuries. There has not been much research conducted on how it assists our bodies. It is the reason many do not know the nutritive value of cannabis plants. Cannabis seeds consist of the best nutrients. For example, when you take 100 grams of cannabis seeds – hemp hearts, it is said to contain proteins of about 32 grams. It is almost more than eggs and meat. It is an important player in the protein group.

In simple words, cannabis seeds contain complete protein. It means it contains the entire nine essential amino acids that we cannot make on our own. Besides, high protein content, it consists of fat- 49 grams, fiber- 4 grams, and carbohydrates- 8 grams. Fiber is not an important nutrient but it is very good as it helps in bowel movements, prevents constipation and regulated blood level.

Cannabis is also loaded with micronutrients such as zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin, folate, Vitamin B6 and A, etc.

What are the perks of consuming hemp leaves?

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of nutrients. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and fiber. There are two kinds of cannabis leaves. They are the small, greater sugar leaves and the larger fan leaves. Sugar leaves consist of higher cannabinoid concentration than the fan leaves mainly in the female species. If you wish to combine the properties of cannabinoids with highly nutritious foods, you have to think about using sugar leaves. Roots and stems consist of several nutrients but they are not consumed as it is not easy to consume texture.

It is the reason cannabis leaves and seeds are mostly used for nutrition.

How to utilize cannabis in your kitchen?

There are two main benefits of utilizing raw cannabis.

  • Its nutritional value is intact as you will not be cooking and burning the nutrients.
  • In raw cannabis, THC will be in a non-psychoactive form. So, the food can be consumed without getting high.

One of the best methods to utilize cannabis is to add them to yogurt, oatmeals, and cereal or sprinkle marijuana seeds on salads. It helps in creating a dense salad or juice. Some of the popular recipes using cannabis include candies, cookies, weed brownies, cannabutter, etc. Nowadays, people are using for baking and cooking tasty edibles. It is said to be tastier than its raw form.

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